Back in 2020/2021 (I forget...) I first made this webpage. Now that I have learned a bit more, I hope to share some things soon.

To briefly introduce myself, my name is Lucas Watson. I make video games, sometimes for fun, sometimes to tell a story. I made some fangames of I Wanna Be the Guy as my first foray into gamemaking, and have done that for many years. I like puzzles, too. One game I helped make is called Hanano Puzzle 2, which I designed the levels for back in high school. Another game I made is this funny weird key-and-door puzzle game called I Wanna Lockpick. You might have heard of it, or maybe not.

So... what on earth is "Lily's Copyworks" supposed to mean? Wait, why am I asking this? I'm the one who knows the answer!!!

Lily's Copyworks was originally the tentative name of a hypothetical game dev studio I would take the handle of. Perhaps this sounds weird, but I really liked the name "Lily" and would commonly name some of the most important characters in my stories "Lily" because I thought it was such a good name. (And, between you and me, the logo for Lily's Copyworks would have been one of those "Lily"s sitting on a giant lily pad with cute oval eyes. It would have been great, I promise.) So, what about the Copyworks part? Well, it's kind of yet another word I chose because it sounded cool, but it's a portmanteau this time. The precise meaning of a "copywork" isn't well-defined to my knowledge, but there are several interpretations I could attempt to pass off as the actual meaning.

Perhaps "copywork" means I'm copying something else? Well, while I do passively absorb cool ideas from other people and works constantly, I'd like to posit that what I'm actually doing is chronicling and retelling in my own words a story that happened long ago, or perhaps even in the far future... Sure, some of these stories are fictional (Actually maybe they all are), but I like to think of fiction as an extension of reality, and something that ideally is treated as real in its own special little ways. The two are separate on the surface, but they can be entertwined in the ways that matter most.

Perhaps "copywork" refers to a skill of sorts I picked up in my IWBTG days, to pull music, sounds, visuals, and other assets from a variety of external sources, and reusing them (perhaps without permission) in my own works, with the artistic intent to recontextualize them. It's sort of like plunderphonics, but plundereverything instead.

...Oh, I guess I only really had two possible ways to interpret the name of this webpage... I guess it ended up not being that big a deal.

So, am I going to keep up this low-production-value series of text-only webpages forever? Well, hopefully not! I just need some time to learn and practice the art, and also some time to make actual assets for this page, and then maybe things will start to get a bit more serious. As time goes on, I may share this webpage around more and more, and so may you!

OK, I think it's time now. August 25, 2023. I saw Molly's Device Theory Part 2 and was inspired by it! I have been thinking about Deltarune for a while now, largely because of her first video, and I've been on occassional stints of watching Deltarune theory videos, discussions, and the like. I've seen your HalfBreadChaos's and your Andrew Cunningham's, and I eat it up like a sponge eating delicious, crunchy water. It's made me Think about the game myself, and I decided that, of all the mediums for me to share my ideas, using this dusty old Neocities webpage to organize my thoughts would be the ideal place to finally get all of this out of my system.

Warning: Bring the whole-ass salt shaker with you. Use the 3 channels I linked (and any others you can find) to cross-reference information and theories regarding Deltarune as you go into this. So, without further ado, watch me lay out all my findings here:

Thanks for reading this far, or at the very least bothering to scroll to the bottom rather than go away immediately. That's how I know you're a real one. Stay tuned for updates.